Software TestiCP12 interface.

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A short movie
     Screenshot01     Starting screen
     Screenshot02     Connected
     EasyProgIntFace     Ladder programming the iCP12

The program Test iCP12 is used by my students to test their interface and show some effects. Also they have to fill in a special document to verify everything works well.

Unzip Test and RUN Setup.exe.

The driver needed for the iCP12 should install automatically. Because it's a standard driver no Admin account is needed.

Just like a previous build parallel interface and the Velleman K8055, it has 8 output leds and 5 input buttons and a piece of work my students can take home.


- When started a short sound is played.
- When a Com port has been found, you can click Connect and the icon on the button will change.
- By clicking the leds they will light up on the interface and screen.
- By serving the buttons they will light up on screen en a sound will be played.
- Start animation will animate leds by a selected scheme. (See directory effects)
- New... Now you can adjust the animation speed. (1 December 2013)
- Auto next continuesly runs through all animations.
- You can easily add your own effects.
- Start VU meter works like a volume meter with leds on the microphone. On some computers you can change the source of sound.

The iCP12 can be used in many other ways. See for...

- SmartDAQ - Digital Mode
- SmartDAQ - Analog Mode
- ioControl

Starting screen.

Connected... some inputs and outputs are being served.


A simple program for using the interface to quickstart programs you can preselect.

Chosen program's will be saved in an .ini file.

Download StartByIntFace.

The following interfaces are supported.

- Parallell port interface
- Velleman K8055
- iCP12 USB interface.

When button 1 on the interface is served... Word will be started.
When button 2 on the interface is served... Excel will be started.


Ladder programming the iCP12.

An easy way to 'program' the iCP12. The in- and outputs are being served bij the computer.

EasyProgIntFace (Info and Download)

Manual (Screenshots are without the iCP12. Will be updated later.)